Address Markers and Business Logos

Affordable Monuments - It's Never Forgotten When Written In Stone

Golden Eagle offers signs and outside decor to meet a variety of needs

From quality Logo or Glass Etching Business Signs to Address Markers or Garden Benches, we have something for everyone, both business or residential.


Variety of products offered to meet your needs


Golden Eagle offers the following products for business and residential use:

  • Logo rock signs that show your own business logo and beautifies the natural surrounding area of your business
  • Address markers - don't make people struggle to find you! An address marker clearly marks the location of your home or business day or night.
  • Granite Benches for outdoor use displaying your business logo or say something important about you. Perfect for outside your business door, a lounging or courtyard area or in your yard or garden.
  • Glass etching compliments your surroundings and can be etched into your windows as a logo or business name or other favorite design. Glass etching is perfect for privacy in doors and windows, shower doors and more. For glass table tops it creates a real sense of elegance.

Sample Signs and Markers
Timber-Ridge-Logo-Sign.jpg address-marker-boulder.jpg (1076783 bytes)
etched-glass1.jpg city-of-redmond-logo.jpg (1076783 bytes)
brick-marker.jpg orion-greens-logo.jpg
btl-logo.jpg (1076783 bytes)bench.jpg