Choosing a Grave Marker

Things to Consider When Choosing a Grave Marker

A headstone tells the story of a person's life and the mark they left on this earth. It indicates that this life is important. A headstone memorial helps keep a memory alive to the loved ones left behind and serves to help in closure. It says, "Life has meaning" and this is an important concept for not only the family and friends left behind, but also for the generations to follow.

A grave marker serves as a point of focus when visiting the grave while recalling the memories and history of the relationship with this loved one. Help give generations to come some meaning for the lives of their loved ones that's bigger than just today. History tells them a story of where they came from and helps point to where they're going. What better way than to honor their ancestors with a memorial?

Things to consider when purchasing a grave marker

upright grave marker
  • Cemetery Regulations Size of headstone and how soon required
  • Religious customs Christian, Jewish and other customs
  • Choosing the grave marker Not only name and dates, but other scenic decor is available
  • New technology allows a chip in the grave marker will allow smart phones and devices to read them and view photos or movies of the loved one's life, and also serve as a grave locater. (coming soon) For privacy purposes, passwords are available.

  • Can I pre-order? This is becoming more popular and may be to the liking of the future user
  • Cremation marker Cremation is quickly rising in popularity. It's more affordable and allows more choices of where to keep the remains. Of course, again, religious custom should be considered.
  • Mobile services for large headstones Using a local company like Golden Eagle for onsite engraving or enscription is widely used for the larger markers.
  • Insurance for accidental damage of the grave marker - Check with the cemetary or your home owners insurance policy.
  • Using a local company like Golden Eagle for onsite changes or update engraving